Experience the enchantment of our animatronic dinosaur rentals and live performances. Where mesmerizing realism comes to life through lifelike movements and sounds, effortlessly transporting visitors back in time. Engaging interactive exhibits seamlessly fuse education and entertainment, elevating the learning experience through play.

Our animatronics, coupled with the expertise of our conservationists, serve as dynamic educational tools, igniting a curiosity for paleontology. In our live dinosaur shows, immerse yourself in the thrill of crowd favorites such as Raptors and the T-Rex. Our skilled performers breathe life into these prehistoric creatures, delivering not only exhilarating entertainment but also invaluable educational insights, creating an enthralling Mesozoic journey.

Animatronic Dinosaur Rentals

Presenting an impressive display of lifelike, life-sized animatronic dinosaurs, showcasing the mighty T-Rex, the larger than life Mamenchisaurus, the astonishing Ankylosaurus, and a host of other beloved prehistoric creatures.

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Live Entertainment

Our live dinosaur shows feature an extraordinary lineup of crowd favorites, including cunning Raptors, a majestic Triceratops, the awe-inspiring mighty T-Rex and many more. These iconic creatures captivate audiences and create prehistoric wonder that enchants guests of all ages as our skilled performers masterfully embody these ancient giants, leaving an indelible mark on their imaginations.

Interactive Exhibits

Get ready to awe your audience with interactive exhibits that allow guests to get up close and personal with our prehistoric pals. These captivating displays blend entertainment and education, making every encounter a memorable learning experience.


Educational Adventure

Beyond the entertainment value, our animatronic wonders serve as powerful educational tools, providing an exciting opportunity for visitors to delve into the world of paleontology, discover the secrets of Earth’s history, and ignite their curiosity about the ancient past.


Our services also include but are not limited to…

  • An assortment of research-backed baby dinosaur puppets designed to enhance the immersive hands-on edu-tainment experience beyond traditional animatronic displays, allowing learning through play.

  • Short-term, one month rental options available.

  • Turn-key, full-service custom solutions to provide the best experience for your unique needs and requirements.

  • A dedicated team of skilled professionals who can oversee all aspects, including installation, maintenance, management, and entertainment.

  • Additional opportunities to enhance guest experience including decor, photo opportunities, build-a-dinosaur and more!

  • Additional themed opportunities available upon request such as Ice Age and Dragons.