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Dino Refuge offers industry-leading, scientifically accurate dinosaur exhibits, woven with live shows where each dinosaur, named and storied, springs to life.

Family outside farm looking at Sauropod Dinosaur Animatronic
Ankylosaurus animatronic dinosaur with little boy outdoors
Spinosaurus dinosaur animatronic in farm with family
Close-up on carnivore dinosaur animatronic rental
T-rex animatronic in front of little girl

Design Concept

Map of Dinosaurs in pens and props, signage for exhibits


Image of Tree icon for Dinosaur exhibit map


Image of tree pod icon for exhibit map

Tree Pod

Fence Icon for Dinosaur exhibit map


Sign icon for Dinosaur Exhibit map


Dinosaur Animatronic icon for dinosaur exhibit map


Dig site icon for Dinosaur exhibit map

Dig Site

Dinosaur skull icon for photo op rock in dinosaur animatronic exhibit map


Case Study: Roba Family Farms Jurassic Farm Dino Fest

Discover the Making of a Prehistoric Wonderland with a behind the scenes look at the Roba Family Farms Jurassic Farm Dino Fest.

Behind the scenes image of dinosaur animatronic shipping container for farm dinosaur agritourism exhibit
Close up on behind the scenes image of staffer installing t-rex animatronic dinosaur
behind the scenes image of installation of sauropod dinosaur animatronic at farm
T-Rex dinosaur animatronic in farm with guest standing in front
Behind the scenes image of wrapped up dinosaur animatronic
Staffer with Dinosaur animatronics in field during installation
Dinosaur animatronic installation of t-rex leg for dinosaur rental
Wrapped up T-rex dinosaur animatronic for shipping to farm agritainment
Image of staffer with safety mask during installation
Poster at past dinosaur agritainment and agritourism event displaying schedule
Screenshot of weather in past installations to show durability

Our team devised innovative solutions, including life-sized animatronic dinosaurs and interactive educational dinosaur exhibits

Faced with the challenge of creating an engaging and educational dinosaur-themed event, we quickly adapted to overcome severe weather conditions, unexpected lodging changes, and minor technical setbacks. Our commitment to problem-solving ensured the event’s success.

Photo of realistic t-rex dinosaur animatronic outside at farm
Panorama image of Several dinosaur animatronics at agritourism and agritainment event


“fantastic events with an amazing team that interacts with attendees, making it a memorable experience... Perfect for dinosaur lovers of all ages, the events are exciting, fun, and educational..."


“...we're partnering with DinoRefuge again for another two years! I can't recommend them enough. They are a great company to work with...It's very rare that you hire outside companies and they somehow manage to exceed your expectations not by a little but BY AT LOT!"


The customer service first and foremost was absolutely amazing!! ...unlike any other dino exhibit and very entertaining...The staff was also very accommodating to my son, who has autism...“


"Their shows are way better than other dinosaur productions! I went when they came to Kissimmee, Florida at the end of August it was super nice they had a lot of the dinosaurs species my two kids LOVED IT... You should totally check out DinoRefuge!"


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